CNF Photo Essay Assignment

This flash nonfiction assignment will be to create a polished description of a location on campus.

1) First, choose a location on campus. Go to that location and spend at least 20 minutes there with a notebook. Write about what you see, feel, and think, then craft a lyric description of this location. Take one or more photos.

2) Post the essay on your blog with one or more photos.

3) Find the location you chose on our Google Map. Make a location, then insert a hyperlink of your published post and embed it into the Google Map along with your description. If this is too complicated, don’t worry. We will spend a portion of a class session linking locations for these entries on a Google Map. Each will be linked to the map.

Here’s how to do the linking:

  1. Go to this link:
  2. You have been invited to edit the map, which means you should be able to put a location in the layer titled “Class Project.”
  3. To add a location, first click on the little symbol that looks like an inverted droplet.
  4. Click anywhere on the map. A “new location” will appear.
  5. Title the location. Cut and paste your essay into the box.
  6. Click on the “photo” icon and paste in the link to your blog entry. (I’m not sure if that part will work but we’ll see)
  7. Click “save.”
  8. Drag the icon to mark your location. If you need to see the map in more detail, click the + sign in the lower right hand corner to zoom in.

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